Sunday, September 3

Sunday’s Message: Following Christ is not easy. One of the scandals of the cross is the idea that grace costs nothing. While grace is free, it cost our Lord everything. Jesus teaches in Matthew 16:21-28 that true followers of him will “take up their cross.” What holds you back from following Christ? On this holiday weekend, let us consider our labors for the Lord.

Our Prayers — Please surround facilities and operations administrator Bill Knight and his partner Nicholas Bullock in your prayers. Bill is presently in ICU at the GWU Hospital recovering from a very serious condition. Cards of encouragement are welcomed at their home address.

Sympathy — Long-time church member and leader Ann Cappiello passed away on August 19. A Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, September 10, at 1 p.m. in the sanctuary of National City Christian Church. Please plan on joining us to honor the life of this wonderful women.

Sunday, August 27

This Sunday C.J. Rodriguez will be preaching on the scripture Exodus 1:8-2:10 with a sermon titled “Being Shiphra and Puah in Times Like These”.

Sunday, August 20

Sunday’s Message: In today’s Gospel we meet the mother of the year, a woman and a foreigner, who stands up for a child in need and refuses to be turned away.

Sunday, August 6

Sunday’s Message: “You give them something to eat.” commanded Jesus to his disciples. The world we live in is filled with many needs. As disciples of Christ, we are called to witness to God’s love through our service. Let us learn from Jesus in this teaching found in all four gospels: the feeding of the five thousand.

Sunday, July 30

Sunday’s Message: Jesus often started his teachings with, “the Kingdom of Heaven is like…” God’s Kingdom is unlike anything we can really know or see, so Jesus used parable, metaphor, and simile to help his followers understand. This Sunday we consider the mustard seed and other parables as we consider our role in God’s Kingdom.

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