National City Christian Church, the national church for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), invites all who are searching for a spiritual home. We are an open and inclusive church. Each Sunday, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table for communion, as God has welcomed us.
8:30 a.m.  Gospel Service (Sanctuary)
11 a.m.  Traditional Service (Sanctuary)
11 a.m.  Servicio En Español (Community Room)

Latest News

Devotion – Singing Through the Sadness

Palm/Passion Sunday, March 25 Note: We asked our writers on Sundays to address the power of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in their lives. Music, like Lent, sometimes takes us where we prefer not to go. In “South Pacific,” sophisticated South Sea planter Emile de...

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Devotion – Get Ready

Saturday, March 24 Scripture: Mark 11:1-11 We are all familiar with the story of Jesus riding a colt into Jerusalem for Passover. It was told in all four gospels. Jesus had been out in the countryside with his disciples teaching the people, healing the sick, and even...

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Devotion – Humble & Honored

Friday, March 23 Scripture: Mark 11:1-11 This is a momentous occasion. For the first time Jesus is permitting His followers to honor him as a King. His earlier habit of avoiding unnecessary publicity is negated. He requested a colt (baby donkey) that had never been...

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Devotion – Follow the Path

Thursday, March 22 Scripture: Mark 11:1-11 As many of you may know and for those who do not know I am a convicted felon as of 2004. I was ashamed and humiliated at the arrest but eventually was glad it happened. I recall the anguish and heartache at the thought of my...

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Church Office Closed

Due to inclement weather expected on March 21, the church offices are closed and all activities are canceled. Be safe and enjoy your day.

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Devotion – Embracing Humility

Wednesday, March 21 Scripture: Mark 11:1-11 Being a disciple of God isn’t all glory. Imagine, you just devoted your life to Jesus for two to three years, and spent the last nine months travelling through 35 locations en route to what promises to be a glorious return...

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