National City Christian Church, the national church for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), invites all who are searching for a spiritual home. We are an open and inclusive church. Each Sunday, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table for communion, as God has welcomed us.
8:30 a.m.  Gospel Service (Howland Center)
11 a.m.  Traditional Service (Howland Center)
11 a.m.  Servicio En Español (Community Room)

Latest News

Devotion – Confusion

Saturday, March 16 Sometimes I get frustrated by all the parables that Jesus tells his disciples and followers. Wouldn’t it be easier if Jesus just plainly said what he meant? And yet, other times he doesn’t mince words at all – like that one time he called Herod a...

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Lenten Devotion – Rejection

Friday, March 15 We have all been rejected and rejection doesn’t feel good. It can be devastating. In the scripture, Jesus’ message and ministry are rejected. The Pharisees are trying to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem. But Jesus doesn’t fall for their ruse....

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Devotional – Reflect

Thursday, March 14 Christians are called to reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ life and death and on the role we play in continuing his mission. As in all the gospels, the Pharisees in Luke are largely antagonistic to Jesus and Jesus to them. Though the Pharisees’...

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