National City Christian Church, the national church for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), invites all who are searching for a spiritual home. We are an open and inclusive church. Each Sunday, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table for communion, as God has welcomed us.
8:30 a.m.  Gospel Service (Sanctuary)
11 a.m.  Traditional Service (Sanctuary)
11 a.m.  Servicio En Español (Community Room)

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Devotion – Good News?

Second Week in Lent Incredible News Monday, February 19 Scripture: Mark 8:31-38 When we think of the gospels as “good news,” we rarely think what it must have been like for Jesus’ followers before they knew about his death and resurrection. How would they have coped...

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Devotion – Sing A New Song

Sunday, February 18 Note: We asked our writers on Sundays to address the power of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in their lives. Sing unto the Lord a new song, For the Lord has done marvelous things. Psalm 98:1 When our congregation was celebrating the 500th...

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Devotion – Passion of the Spirit

Saturday, February 17 Scripture: Mark 1:9-15 Do you remember the time you were passionate about a particular moment in your life? Perhaps starting a new career, moving to a new location, or seeking more understanding. I remember many passion moments in my life and one...

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Devotion – The Gift of the Wilderness

Friday, February 16 Scripture: Mark 1:9-15 In this passage, Jesus is baptized by John and then unceremoniously banished into the wilderness. In his baptism, Jesus is readying himself to do God’s work and God wastes no time in immediately sending Jesus into temptation...

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Devotion – The Test

Thursday, February 15 Scripture: Mark 1:9-15 And there will be a test. What will your answer be? The voice of God said “This is my Son, with you I am well pleased.” Then, Jesus went into the desert, and was there for 40 days and nights. The test came there, and the...

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Devotion – A Forceful Spirit of Protection

Ash Wednesday, February 14 Scripture: Mark 1:9-15 Forehead ashes on Valentine’s Day? Resurrection celebrations on April Fool’s Day? It has been 73 years since Lenten season started and ended on such cultural holidays. Yet perhaps such juxtapositions are spiritually...

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