Please join us this Friday, May 4, at 12:15 p.m., when organist Carson Cooman will perform organ works by three living European (British, Swedish, and Italian) composers.

An accomplished composer and organist, Carson Cooman has held the position of Composer in Residence and The Memorial Church, Harvard University, since 2006. As an organ recitalist, Cooman specializes in the performance of contemporary music. Over 300 new compositions by more than 100 international composers have been written for him. Here is the program for this Friday’s concert:

  • Suite for Organ, Op. 5 (Festiva!; Mirage; Friesian March) – Carol Williams, 2013
  • In the Garden: Frosty Morning – Thomas Åberg, 1999
  • Toccata No. 3 – Thomas Åberg, 1982
  • Celestial Visions from Beyond – Marco LoMuscio, 2007
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