Friday, March 9
Scripture: John 3:14-21

Indeed, God [sent his son into the world] in order that the world might be saved through him…
John 3:17

Those who participate in sports know that in the final moments, one often wishes the game could be extended – other days you wish the game had finished at half-time. Marathon runners speak of “hitting the wall.” In this competition with themselves their body rebels and declares the competition finished – only their spirit runs on.

Sometimes one wonders if God, watching over his creation, ever tires of humankind in our folly. All those foolish things we do that would disappoint God. John assures us that that is not the case – that God’s love is forever. As Annie sang “the sun will come up tomorrow…” the laws of nature hold, flowers always bloom anew each spring, and in countless other ways God will continue his love for us. And John assures us that the supreme proof of his eternal love is that he sent his son, Jesus, to walk with us forever.

Prayer: Thank you God for your constant love.

 – John Scott and Beverly Williams

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