Sunday, April 7
Note: Writers on Sundays were asked to address the power of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in their lives.

Music is a powerful tool as it is truly the language of the heart. The words of a song heard, learned, and sung get inside not only my head but can be felt in my heart. The “Via Dolorosa” by Sandi Patty is one of those songs that almost haunts because of the combination of words and music. Together they are simply brilliant.
The words vividly depict the last road Jesus travels prior to his crucifixion. While I have yet to visit Jerusalem, in my mind I am there watching the horrors that Jesus suffered on his way to Golgotha. The soldiers, the curious, the beatings that caused his back to be striped, the crown of thorns but the description doesn’t stop with the physical events, it gets deeper as we hear about the scorn that he endured and suffered. Then so brilliantly turns to his ministry as we are reminded that he loves each of us so deeply that he chose to walk that path.

“Via Dolorosa” by Sandi Patty

Down the Via Dolorosa in
Jerusalem that day
the soldiers tried to clear the
narrow street. But the crowd pressed into see
a man condemned to die on Calvary.

He was bleeding from a beating –
there were stripes upon his back
and he wore a crown upon his head.

And he bore with every step
the scorn of those of those of
those who cried out for his death.

Down the Via Dolorosa called the
way of suffering
like a lamb came the Messiah, Christ the King

But he chose to walk that road
out of his love for you and me
Down the Via Dolorosa all the way to Calvary.

Prayer: Almighty and loving God, may I never forget the depth of your love for me and that you see me as a person of value. Thank you for sending your son who traveled that horrid road to die as a sacrifice for my sins. Help me to remember this as I go about my way and help me to share that love with those around me. In Christ’s holy name, Amen.

Teresa Swihart

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