There will be NO elevator service at church this Sunday.
I’m so sorry about this news, but the water break we had in the basement last night did significant damage to the elevator electrical system. It is completely shut down.
For Sunday, the parking garage will be open for those who can take the stairwell.
For those who cannot climb the steps, we do not have any options to get into the Sanctuary for this Sunday. I am so sorry.
For those who can climb a limited number of stairs, they can make their way to the Sanctuary from the backdoor alleyway entrance. From there, they will be presented with 8 steps in the stairwell, or 7 steps at the side entrance to the Sanctuary.
Again, I am so sorry about this situation. Thank you for your support in this challenging time.
By faith, we will get through this together!
In Christ’s Service,
Stephen Gentle
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