Monday, March 23
Every one of us needs inspiration to keep us spiritually nourished and to help us to be open to receiving divine guidance. This story is a great example of this principle. Mary and Martha were real people who sought to understand what was happening with their beloved brother who was taken from them unexpectedly. They were living in the light and yet wondered what God’s purpose was in all of this.

Sometimes when we are going through a trial it is not just to teach us faith, trust, and hope. It is also for the benefit of those around us who are watching our way of handling a situation. This is now a test of our ability to endure with a power we claim to have as believers in Jesus Christ. Tests like this come up all the time for me in my workplace. Make no mistake about it. People who know we are believers are watching and drawing good or bad conclusions whether we like it or not.

When the Jews in this story saw Jesus weep at the time of learning of the death of Lazarus, they were very impressed with his love for Lazarus. This in itself was no small revelation. Next it made them wonder why Lazarus had died when Jesus had been seen by some of them to restore sight to the blind. A further miracle was about to take place when Jesus restored Lazarus back to life. This event resulted in many believing in Jesus.

There will always be things in this life we don’t understand and yet there is a peace offered to those who place their trust in the savior that passes all understanding. This has been my experience many times and often, sometimes years later, I have a certain glimpse of the reason as to the why of a trial or test. In the meantime, I intend to endure to the end by faith.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we can so often be doubtful of your loving care and plan for us. May this story build confidence in each of us as we look to you alone for guidance and every grace needed to live our best lives. Amen.

 – Paul Heffron

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