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Advancing your Washington Witness for all Disciples of Christ

In response to Alexander Campbell’s vision of 1851, the leaders of the Christian Church made two important decisions. The first was that the denomination should “have the largest meeting house in Washington City and there…stand up in the presence of kings and earth’s nobility and proclaim the unknown Gospel…” From that vision and from the determination of those leaders the National City Christian Church was born and continues its witness today.

The second decision of the International Convention of 1926 was to establish a Foundation (then called Corporation) “to hold in trust, preserve, and maintain for all Disciples the physical facilities of National City Christian Church.” To this day the National City Christian Church Foundation exists as the means by which the whole people of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) may participate in the growing ministry of their own National Church.

So it is that today, Disciples around the world are represented in Washington, DC, not only by elected and appointed officials, but also by a National Church that is owned and supported by all members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In the years since 1926, a host of visionary leaders have carried the dream forward. The list of National City’s leaders reads like a history of the denomination. R. A. Long, a well-known Disciple philanthropist, became the Foundation’s first president and served in that capacity for many years. Dr. A. Dale Fiers, the first to serve as General Minister and President of the denomination, carried the torch of leadership into the modern era. Theodore P. Beasley, business executive and philanthropist, picked up the reins as the organization was restructured into its current form, and funded the construction of the building which houses the Foundation offices.
Each of these devoted leaders saw the importance of partnering with the outstanding succession of ministers who have served the congregation and who have personally embodied the Gospel to which they bore witness. Pastors like Dr. James T. Barclay, Dr. Earle Wilfley, Dr. H. H. Harmon, Dr. Raphael H. Miller, Dr. J. Warren Hastings, Dr. George R. Davis, Dr. William C. Howland, Jr., Dr. Alvin O. Jackson, and Dr. Stephen W. Gentle have nurtured the people and expanded the witness.

Under the leadership of Trustee Chairperson John Arterberry, the Foundation is poised to provide the resources by which the congregation is able to fulfill the vision both as a vocal witness for the gospel and as a leader among Disciples everywhere.

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Supporting your National Church

National City Christian Church is blessed by the presence of a beautiful and historic building in which to do ministry. Further we are fortunate that our expanding ministries are led by a staff of professional and dedicated persons who serve on behalf of Disciples everywhere.

Fulfilling the mission of National City is made possible primarily through the generosity of members in the Washington area, of associate members from around the United States, and of friends who care about preserving this Washington witness.

You can fulfill this national partnership by providing financial support in a variety of ways.

The Annual Fund supports the ongoing ministry of the congregation, with emphasis on the National Ministries, which are offered on behalf of the denomination.

The Endowment Fund undergirds the total ministry by providing a perpetual source of income. Individuals and organizations can underwrite the long-term ministries at National City through direct gifts, named funds, life-income gifts, wills, and bequests.

Pillars of Support: Methods of Providing Support

Most gifts are provided from current income by cash, check or credit card. In addition, you may choose from one or more convenient ways to provide significant support from your accumulated resources.

Transfer of stock and other securities

Our development staff would be pleased to work with you and your financial advisor to arrange gifts to the Annual Fund and/or to the Endowment fund. Gifts of appreciated properties are often a means of support which is both convenient to you and important to our National Ministries.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Many friends of National City have chosen to purchase life insurance policies or to transfer existing policies for the benefit of our ministry. Premiums paid after the transfer are deductible as charitable donations, in addition to providing a significant addition to the Endowment Fund in the future.

Planned Giving

Friends of National City may choose from a variety of trusts and other life-income gifts as they consider a way to support our work. Charitable trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, and other similar instruments provide income to the donor for their lifetime and perhaps beyond, while also making possible a contribution to the National City Endowment Fund. Members of our development staff will be happy to discuss this option. In addition, the staff of the Christian Church Foundation is always willing to be of assistance.

Below are brief descriptions of the more popular planned giving options:

View Planned Giving Options
Charitable Gift Annuities are simple agreements between the Foundation and a donor whereby the donor receives a guaranteed fixed income for life in exchange for a gift.

Pooled Income Funds are like charitable mutual funds. The donor places assets in the fund and receives the income produced by that fund for life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts are separately managed trusts that provide an income to the donor for life. A common form of this, the charitable remainder unitrust, pays an income based on each year’s value of the trust assets, giving the donor the potential for a rising income if the value of the trust investments increases.

Wills and bequests are perhaps the simplest and most frequent type of deferred contribution received by the Foundation. In consultation with personal advisors, a donor simply includes the Foundation in their will or estate plan for a specific amount, a percentage of the total estate, or for the remainder after prior obligations are fulfilled.

For additional information about the various ways of supporting the ministry of National City, please contact our Development Office at