Sunday’s Message: Where do you place your loyalty? If it is in God, then God’s will shall be done. If it is in the world, then other matters deserve our highest loyalty. Idolatry occurs when the distinction is blurred. To help us maintain our priority, we should ask: “In whose image was I created?”

ALERT: Marines Corp Marathon this Sunday. You might need to alter your commute on Sunday. See road closures here


Commitment Sunday: On this Sunday, members and friends of National City Christian Church are invited to prayerfully make an estimate-of-giving for 2018. Sharing your plans to give help our leaders to faithfully prepare for the ministries and mission for next year. Simply fill out the bulletin insert and place it in the offering tray this morning. Offering envelopes are provided in the pew backs for your use.

Hurricane Relief: We continue to remember those who are recovering from the hurricanes, including our friends in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and other affected islands as well as the Gulf Coast. Your special offering marked “Week of Compassion” goes to our church’s efforts to provide relief.

Gluten-free Communion Wafers are available beginning this Sunday in the marked cup on the bread tray.

Next Sunday: Christians throughout the world will observe the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Both 8:30 and 11 a.m. services will include special readings and music to mark this important day. We pray that God will guide and reform the church of today and help us to overcome the divisions that prevent us from giving credible witness to the mission of Christ in the world.


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