Monday, March 11
What is your mission? Do you know? Do you have a clear picture?

Jesus came to earth knowing what his mission was. He varied his “tactics” or approach. He was always about ministering to others through feeding, healing, teaching, even as he approached Jerusalem. Although the road was difficult, he moved ahead. He could not be persuaded to give up or take another route. He had to be obedient to God’s purpose.

I look around to see where God is leading me. It seems the specifics have changed over the years: I have taught Vacation Bible School, sponsored the Young Adults, visited the sick and shut-ins, but always the focus is to follow and serve Christ, to live a life that honors and brings glory to God. My road may not be easy or even seem real clear. Prayer can help to focus and direct me each and every day.

You, too, can turn to God in prayer for help in finding your mission.

Prayer: Oh God, open my eyes to your leading today. Amen.

Kathleen Swihart

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