Thursday, March 8
Scripture: John 3:14-21

This Gospel of John 3:14-21 is a bit challenging for me. In this encounter the Gospel of John has sharp divisions between believers and non-believers, saved and condemned, people who love darkness rather than light do evil and not good. It feels like some are being tossed to the curb and the rest are surrounded by grace. How can that be? If God is truly with each of us all the time then how else do we respond but to love and cherish the world and every creature in it as beloved of God?

If we take this response seriously, it will be an all-consuming challenge. We might take it in the direction of global warming and care for the earth. Or we might tackle poverty, healthcare, education, civil rights, or hunger in light of the abundance we enjoy and powerfully advocate for peaceful resolutions of differences. I have been a passionate advocate for “doing the right thing” for my entire life. I will continue to believe that God is here with each and every one of us, no matter what, no matter when.

Prayer: We are facing some tough times in our country and in our world right now. Please bless us with your grace, God, and stand with us as we find our courage to speak your message of love, unity, and civility. With your help we will get it done.

 – Mary Paradise

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