Wednesday, April 3
“A pound of pure nard.” Obviously far more than was needed to anoint Jesus’ feet, and just bought. How much did Mary, Martha, and Lazarus know of the future so close ahead? The Disciples did not understand, and were not preparing for the events that were falling into an inevitable finality, but Mary was prepared for Jesus’ death. Only a small amount was needed to anoint Jesus at the dinner, and at 300 denarii, it was a large luxury, if it was not needed soon. This is what fascinates me, as the supper in the upper room is still in the future, with its prophetic pronouncements of the culmination of the present form of Jesus ministry.

I am led to believe that in his many quiet times visiting in this household, with these dependable friends, he has quoted the relevant scripture, and discussed the meaning to his life and end times; they do indeed understand what is going to happen quite soon. In spite of this, they continue with their lives in an orderly way, preparing a meal and welcoming the disciples to their homes. In our lives, it can be difficult to accept some of the changes that come our way, but we, too, must accept the things that we are unable to change, and continue in our lives in the best way that the remaining resources or family will allow, and work hard to achieve a new balance in life.

Mary expected to need the nard, and she was prepared. It is often difficult for us to adjust to the changes that inevitably come to us, but the example of Mary, patiently going forward in all that was customary, is a guide to how we should react to the impending upheavals that come from time to time.

Prayer: Oh Lord, give us the wisdom to see the things we can change, and the will to do our best with the ones we cannot. Amen.

 – Norman Kruse

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