Sixth Week in Lent
The Hour Has Come

Monday, March 19
Scripture: Mark 11:1-11

Jesus traveled to Jerusalem knowing the trip would lead to his sacrificial death. Agony and suffering are looming, and yet great joy and celebration surround Jesus.

He’s on a death march, and what amounts to a festival breaks out on the streets. It’s a confusing confluence of emotions. What is God trying to teach us? I believe Palm Sunday is an important reminder to celebrate life, even in times of sorrow. Why do we share memories that make us laugh at memorial services? Or stories that bring smiles at hospitals? It’s because the grace of God sustains us and leads us to great joy. Jesus didn’t shun, shush, or dismiss those who were waving palms or laying down their cloaks before him. Jesus wants us to celebrate. He wants us to give thanks. He wants us to shout “Hosanna!” Because every day is a gift. Our lives are a blessing. And Jesus has saved us from guilt, fear, and hopelessness. Salvation has arrived!

Prayer: God, fill our mouths with laughter, our lips with shouts of joy, and our hearts with your grace. We know that your abiding peace helps us overcome all of life’s hardships, and we are forever thankful.

 = Anthony Mague

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