Friday. April 12

Jesus comes to Jerusalem: Near Journey’s end

Journeys vary a lot…some are important but most are not. Some are long, some short. A trip to the convenience store for snacks can’t compare to the journey for education. All journeys have a start, you do things, then you arrive.

Our scripture today talks of tasks occurring near the end of this journey. The disciples needed a way to celebrate, to affirm their choice. Some folks were disrespecting the temple and needed to be sent packing. These and many other things needed attention as Jesus journeyed on. Scripture doesn’t tell us why, just that he journeyed onto Jerusalem.

That brings up a question for me…why? Why persist? Why not rest here for a while? Reasons vary of course. We pay taxes because the Government wants us to. We stop at traffic lights because it’s safer. We eat because we’re hungry. But if we only look at why, then some of our journeys might never get started. I have found help in choosing which journey to take. If my answer to why involves the Government, some “thing” I own (or want), a family member or friend – then I weigh the value. But when the answer comes back as it did with the donkey: “…because the Lord needs it” – then it’s best to just get on with it. That’s a journey that needs traveled.

Prayer: Lord, please walk with me. Amen

John Scott Williams

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