Monday, March 25
Jesus was with the Pharisees at the Temple and he was trying to tell them about forgiveness. He told them this parable to help them see that there is a way to forgive if they have an open heart and mind.

There was a father who had two sons and one son wanted to go out into the world and experience all that was out there. Some of the things he did were not very good and there came a time when he became ashamed of all the bad experiences. So he decided he needed to go back home and see his father and apologize for leaving and not staying to help with the work that needed to be done on the farm.

The father had another son who stayed at home and worked day and night on the farm. He heard that his brother was coming back and needed the father to forgive him for leaving. The father was welcoming this wayward brother and son with open arms and wanted to celebrate his return. The brother who stayed at home was so angry that he was not recognized for his hard work. When he saw his brother and how contrite he was he knew that he had to forgive him.

We go through life doing things that hurt other people and we know we have done these hurtful things. We want them to know that we did these unforgivable hurts but how can we ask them to forgive us if they do not open their hearts and minds to our apologizing? So, we pray that they will someday see that we have changed and they will forgive us.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the lessons you have given us. We want to ask forgiveness for those we hurt in word and deed. Please let their hearts be open to acceptance and love. Amen

Beverly Williams

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