Wednesday, February 28
Scripture: John 2:13-22

I always find this scripture interesting as I try to visualize the temple with all of this commerce in a place supposedly built for worship.

How should God’s house be used outside of a worship service? Jesus was clearly disgusted that his Father’s house was not being used as it was intended after it took 46 years to build. Anyone utilizing a church facility should ponder the question of “Is what I am doing in the Lord’s house pleasing to him?”

It is next to impossible to drive anywhere in Washington, D.C., without seeing a crane looming overhead for the construction of a new building. I have watched the slow progress of a 182-unit condominium building slowly rising from the ground across the street from me – wrought with delays in order to properly lay the foundation after finding more water than expected when the initial soil samples and surveys were conducted.

Jesus spoke of building his church on solid ground – that all other ground was sinking sand. In the same light Jesus foretold of his impending death, only to have his new temple raised in three days – built on the solid ground of the sacrifice of his life so that his believers might have everlasting life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of your son, Jesus Christ, who worked tirelessly to provide lessons for us to know how to go out into this world and to live our life so that it would be pleasing to you.

 – Cecil Talbott

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