Saturday, February 17
Scripture: Mark 1:9-15

Do you remember the time you were passionate about a particular moment in your life? Perhaps starting a new career, moving to a new location, or seeking more understanding. I remember many passion moments in my life and one thing I usually come away with, when looking back, is the determination and desire that I had to make dreams into reality. I’m sometimes in awe, saying, did I really made that happen? What guided me to dare to do such a thing? It had to be something other than myself; there had to be some force to help me along the way.

That was the prevailing thought I had in reflecting on this scripture of Jesus and the beginning of his ministry. We find Christ, now of age, coming for his baptism, and just like our baptism, this is a calling for Jesus. A force was beginning to guide him as it called on us when we dedicated our lives to God. We learn that his driving spirit descended from Heaven itself and God spoke. He had a purpose to achieve on Earth and with passion you want to put all your heart and soul in accomplishing the task. Immediately, the Spirit led him in the desert for 40 days. These are the moments that truly make passion and desire stronger when it is put to the test. Your ambition and your spirit grow and mature. Jesus’ choice to be obedient to God was the start of his journey. His faith and trust made him ready for the challenges that lay ahead. Even when he learns that his own cousin John the Baptist is arrested while he was away, Jesus did not become wary or even second-guess what he was getting into, but he embraced his responsibility in this new role.

We all had that guiding force and spirit to drive our passion to turn dreams and hopes to reality and possibilities. Let us not grow wary or second-guess in our 40 days but to follow our passion to walk with Jesus.

Prayer: Spirit of passion, be with us on this Lenten journey and throughout our lives, giving our all, hearts and souls to you, our God and our Friend.

 – Nicolas Bullock

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