Wednesday, March 20
Time to Refresh
One of the words I’ve adopted from the digital age is “refresh.” The computer will “refresh” my email, bringing in the new and (maybe) fixing the old. I use that word at the beginning of each New Year to evaluate what I’m doing and why and to make adjustments.

As I read and pondered this passage and parable from Luke, I found myself focusing on the word “repentance.” It’s familiar from Bible study but it’s not in my everyday vocabulary. What does it mean, today, to “repent”?

A dictionary definition could simply be to turn from evil and to turn to the good. As often as I’ve heard “repent and be saved,” I’m hard pressed to explain it with depth. But I’m overflowing with thoughts of “turning to the good.” A life led in communion with God and trying to follow the life that Jesus has taught us is rich beyond measure. I spend more time thinking of good things to do than regretting things I shouldn’t have done. Still, should “repent” expand my view of good works? Should I be more involved in works to make this world a better place?

Prayer: O God, help me find new meaning to life and deepen my spiritual life to better serve you. Amen.

Diana Morse

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