Holy Monday, March 26
Scripture: Mark 14:17-31

In spite of being betrayed, Christ shared his love with all of the twelve. After alerting them that he was aware of what would occur, he did not demonstrate any disfavor to the one who would betray him. He shared himself with them and also the covenant that bound them to him through the breaking of bread and drinking from the same cup.

During these times which can be busy and hectic, and even tense, we often hear that individuals are separated from loved ones, because harsh words have been said, or distasteful actions occurred, or even for reasons that no one truly remembers. Family and friends can sometimes disappoint us, but if we are truly wanting Christ to be among us and in us, should we not take the first step to share love and connect with those whom we cherish?

As we prepare for the risen Christ, let us accept the grace of Christ to be more loving and engaging in our outreach to loved ones and also to those who are strangers.

Prayer: Forgiving and loving Christ, come into our hearts and lift the hurt and disconnect that we may carry so that we may come together in your name.

 – Eddie and Loretta Franklin

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