Tuesday, March 13
Scripture: John 12:20-33

Jesus shares the parables to illustrate that we must sacrifice in life to death. That’s heavy stuff. The promise He makes is the most powerful thing I can imagine; in death, we will be reborn into someone forever enduring. Endure now and we get to endure forever. That sounds unbelievable.

Let’s look again at the scripture. He uses something as simple and intricate as a grain of wheat to highlight His point. As a single grain it has only that value. If it falls and dies it germinates and allows more grain growth. We are the same. We must die in our old selves before becoming new with Him.

There’s great power in a promise, at least when that promise comes from God Almighty. He never forgets, nor waivers. Why then do we have such trouble accepting His Word? This is something about which I frequently pray, to accept what I know because what my human mind is telling me contradicts what I know from Him. My desires, impatience, and ego get in the way because I go towards the path I want.

While an expert I am not, but I do know that this summer I was at a low and prayed to Him that I would accept His answers, even if not the ones I wanted. I promised also to accept His timing and the path He wanted for my life. It wasn’t until then that the door opened to the path I had been trying for months to walk. He’s funny like that. He waited for me to wait on Him. He kept His promises!

Prayer: Father God, please remind me of Your promises and forgive me when my human desire for instant gratification causes disbelief. I know You are the One true God and I will keep my eyes on You as a constant reminder of Your goodness. Thank you for being on this journey with me and calling me Your child.

 – Jessica Max

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