Thursday, February 15
Scripture: Mark 1:9-15

And there will be a test. What will your answer be?

The voice of God said “This is my Son, with you I am well pleased.”

Then, Jesus went into the desert, and was there for 40 days and nights.

The test came there, and the questions came from the expert on tempting people, Satan.

He is the source of our tests too, and the questions are not usually straightforward, clear, single-issue ones. They may be just a little bit out of order, have no visible or identifiable loser. They are often a choice to do something that is just not quite right, but who will ever know?

“Cast yourself down from the precipice.” Jesus could depend on God to save him, but declined.

For us, this might be “I left a bit late, but can make it up driving faster.”
“One drink more will not make any difference.”
“I will find the money for this somehow.”

“Turn these stones into bread, and eat.” Jesus could have done a miracle, and declined.
“The next lottery ticket will be the big one.”
“The guy I owe this money to might die and I will not have to repay it.”

“Become my follower.” Jesus could have transferred allegiance to the underworld, and once again declined.
“I am only borrowing this until I get ahead on my finances.”
“If I buy some drugs, and resell part of them at a higher price, I can enjoy them free.”
“I won’t become addicted; I will stop after a while.”
Drugs are the example here, but there are many other things that we become dedicated to that take us away from an appropriate life as Christians.

Prayer: God, as we consider the choices we have made, and those still in the future, help us to see the guidance that you provided through the life of Jesus, and make decisions that are good for all mankind, not just for us.

 – Norman Kruse

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