Tuesday, April 9
The beginning of this passage, often known as “The Triumphal Entry,” is exciting. It brings us memories of parades. We wave palm branches at church. We can’t help but smile. And to some degree, we can even personally relate, as we ourselves have experienced the excitement of finally getting to a long-awaited destination – whether it’s that trip to Hawaii we’ve been looking forward to or a visit home after a long absence. But sometimes, things don’t always quite meet our expectations during our trip.

Look at that last section of this passage – Jesus’ entry into the temple area where he found it being made into “a den of robbers.” How many times has a trip included a scene or event you hadn’t expected? And then did that result in a reaction or emotion you didn’t plan to have during this joyous time? To me, this is another beautiful example of how Jesus was both fully God and fully human. So inexplicable but yet so perfect in paving the way for us to become better Christians on our journey home.

Prayer: O God, today help me to remember that I am but fully human and my emotions may turn on a dime. When they do, help me to reset and reflect and turn my sights back to you. Amen.

Terri Malone

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