Good Friday, March 30
Scripture: Mark 15:22-39

As Jesus hung on the cross, the soldiers cast lots to divide up his clothes among them.

What do we take from Jesus? Wealth, fame, possessions, power, and comfort.

As he hung there people verbally abused and mocked Him.

How do we treat Him? Abuse, neglect, or admiration and respect.

As he hung there, the people taunted him to perform a miracle to climb down and save himself.

What miracles do we seek from Jesus? Healing, success.

Who did Jesus put first in his life…certainly not himself?

Who do we put first?

What does it take for us to put others first?

What does it take for us to say as the centurion did, “This is the Son of God”?

Prayer: Lord, open our eyes and ears to hear your call to us that we might be your servants.

 – Kathleen Swihart

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