Wednesday, April 1
From the piercing beam of bright white light emanating from atop a coastal light house to the flashing red marker light atop a tall building or TV antenna, we understand the role of beacons to warn of danger. We may be less aware that every civilian and military airport in the U.S. is marked by a bright beacon designating safe havens for aircraft. These beacons rotate at a designated speed, with a single beam designating a civilian airport versus a split/double beam for a military field. A beacon, therefore, serves both to shield us from harm and to point us in a right direction for our welfare.

As individuals, we, too, can live our lives in ways that serve as a beacon to others of a Christ-like way of life. It’s essential then that we keep our inner light shining brightly. We can strengthen and refocus our inner light by regularly participating with other like-minded persons in observing the Lord’s Supper which Jesus instituted at the Last Supper with his disciples in the Upper Room. At the news that “one of you will betray me,” the disciples became greatly distressed by the uncertainty of which of them was the likely betrayer. The disciples would soon embark on their individual paths to becoming the embodiment of the dedicated follower of Christ that He envisioned.

Endless opportunities await us, as dedicated followers of Christ, to be a beacon – to inspire, guide, and bring hope to others. Every time we smile, we connect, we accept, we love, our personal beacon shows others the way to the salvation Christ offers to all who believe.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to develop, strengthen and sustain our Christian faith in a way that it serves as a beacon to others, encouraging and supporting them as they too strive to be one of your dedicated followers. Amen.

 – David Walker

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