Saturday, March 28
Where were you when we needed you? Why were you not here for us? These are questions that are often asked during our hours of sorrow, pain and grief. We want someone special in our lives to be there for us…family, friends, and ministers. We don’t want to carry the burden of grief alone. We don’t want to be alone.

Often the darkness of grief appears to shutter out any light of life, or feelings of normalcy. The spiritual blanket of God’s warmth and assurances that He is with us during these trying times can be hard to hold onto. Physical pain and grief are overwhelming and distracting. We cry out for God’s arms to carry us through uncertain times.

It is no wonder that Mary sought Jesus, the Comforter. Mary knew that she could express her grief with Jesus, and He would provide needed light in her darkness. Jesus felt the pain of Mary’s grief and, also the loss of His friend. Jesus became consumed with grief as well, and He began to weep.

As the son of God, Jesus asked the Father to be with Him as He shone light into the tomb and called Lazarus out to the living. What a sight this should have been for the crowd which had gathered. Astonishment to see that Lazarus was brought back to life and awe to see the wonders of God through Jesus Christ.

We are given the opportunity each day to accept the light of Christ into our lives. We have free will to accept God’s love and to model His love in our lives. Caring for others and providing kindness can bring light into relationships. God’s light gives us an opportunity to see the beauty in each person. It also gives us the needed charge to ignite and power the light within us.

Prayer: Breathe on me, breath of God. Fill me with life anew. That I may love what thou dost love and do what thou wouldst do. Amen. (Chalice Hymnal No. 254)

 – Eddie and Loretta Franklin

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