Friday, March 6
My first memory is of accepting Christ as my savior when I was three after my parents spent a week proselytizing me. I’ve been less dogmatic with my own children, so I discussed this week’s passage with my children, mostly Jude (7), to see what they believe and what questions they have. There were more questions than answers. Jude is confidant in God’s love and has faith in God, but fuzzy on eternal life. He and his sister, Sage (4), want to know how to make their parents immortal. I tried to break it to them easily.

Ultimately, there were more questions than answers. What does it mean to be reborn? What does it mean to have eternal life? What does it mean to believe Jesus is the son of God? What is a spirit (is it like a friendly ghost)? These are the good and honest questions of a child, but also many adults, even firm believers. Fortunately, my children have recognized that the foundation of faith is love, even if they’re fuzzy on the details, and open to dialogue.

Prayer: Abba, we thank you for your love and grace. Help us to be open to the questions we ask and are asked as we rest on our confidence in your love. Amen.

-Alan and Jude Williams

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