Saturday, March 7
When I am sharing the good news of the gospel with others, I have found that there are generally two types of attitudes in each individual that either I approach or who approaches me. In one there is a spirit of argument and in the other a spirit of earnestness. This is where discernment is very important in determining how far I will go with someone. In some ways it’s the same as a doctor diagnosing a patient and offering a prescription. It’s not just the medicine alone that is important, it’s the dosage.

In the case of Nicodemus, Jesus found a man who was “ready” to make changes in his life. Sometimes as eager as we may be to see someone who is struggling in their life to come to a knowledge of the ultimate truth, they are not ready for a discussion but can only receive the example a believer can demonstrate. Actions will always speak louder than words in the end anyway. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “When all is said and done seems more tis said than done. Well done is better than well said.”

When Jesus approached Nicodemus, his heart had been prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the words of Jesus. This coupled with the perfect example of Jesus was a winning combination to have the dramatic effect that Jesus intended to have on Nicodemus. The process went very smoothly as questions were answered and Nicodemus came to the desired understanding of the love of God revealed through Jesus Christ.

Prayer: How blessed we are, O God, to have this magnificent gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. May we portray his life in us as accurately as possible to reach many people who are like sheep without a shepherd. May we have humility and gratitude in our hearts as we grow in this love each and every day. Amen

-Paul Heffron

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