Friday, March 27
“Jesus wept.” This isn’t the phrase we typically think about when discussing this week’s passage, unless it’s trivia night. We usually think about Jesus’ faith, commanding a miracle into existence despite the doubt of those around him. This week however, reading this passage afresh, I’m struck by Jesus’ emotions. We see his grief (indignation in some translations) and love, frustration and compassion. He doesn’t hide his emotions, nor is he derailed by them because he knows who he is. He moves forward. In this time of transition for our congregation, I find a lot of inspiration in our Lord’s example. Let’s remember who, and what, we are as we move forward.

Prayer: Heavenly Lord, bless our hearts and minds as we move through our lives and our ministries. Help us to be honest with ourselves and with each other as we work together to fulfill your ministry. Amen.

 – Alan Williams

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