Tuesday, March 17
Faith is having confidence or trust in God as what he says is true. Having faith allows for us to witness miracles already performed in our lives with the hope for things unseen to still be blessed with by God. As Christians we are meant to walk by faith and not by sight.

In this scripture there is a man who was born blind. Jesus performed a miracle giving sight to this man who had never seen before. Upon listening to what Jesus told him to do he received his sight. After this man was healed the people who knew him before this change in his life was made were able to witness he was new creature. There were many who knew the man and believed Jesus had restored his sight while those who never knew the man did not have faith in this miracle being performed. The man who had been blind gave glory to God while some in the crowd still did not believe, because they had not seen for themselves.

My grandfather was a Disciples of Christ preacher who proclaimed the gospel for over 66 years. One of his favorite Bible verses was John 9:4 which says “I must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming when no one can work.” Jesus went about his life performing works to the glory of God everywhere he went. As we live our lives we are to continuously be about our father’s business and live to do God’s will. Our faith is what guides our path as we let our light shine so that others might see God’s grace within us. For those who believe through the miracles God has performed in their life their faith is strengthened. The greatest faith comes from those who believe through the works performed in others’ life and through the hope of what is to come.

Prayer: Dear God we come to you knowing you are all powerful and can do anything but fail. We fully trust and believe you can do all. We humbly ask you to strengthen our faith. Allow us to be a beacon of light for our faith to shine to all your people of the world. Show us the way to be the best Christians possible while living lives to continuously do God’s will.

  • Travaughn J. Lovick
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