Saturday, April 4
This passage from Matthew starts with Judas Iscariot soliciting the chief priests for money to betray Jesus. It proceeds through the preparations for Passover, and the beginning of the Passover meal, when Jesus tells the disciples that one of them will betray him. Then he has to endure Judas portending he is the one who will betray him. This can’t end well.

Yet, in the end, he gives his disciples and future generations the gift of himself, and promises he will drink the wine with us in his Father’s kingdom. Jesus says, “Take, eat.” He says, “Drink of it, all of you.” Jesus sees beyond the approaching calamity to a future for all together with him in God’s kingdom. We see Jesus leading us from darkness into the light. He isn’t deterred by Judas’s treachery, but loves all his disciples, and all the people of the world. His only thought is for us.

Let us give thanks for Jesus’s loving beacon of light. Let us give of ourselves as He did – sacrificially.

Prayer: God of the Table, forgive us of our sins and our “Judas” betrayals to find new life though your sacrifice. Embolden us through your covenant offered at that Last Super so that we may live sacrificially offering your unconditional welcome as you unconditionally welcome us. Amen.

 – Steven Cook

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