Monday, March 16
How could God let this happen? This is often the human response to seeing a tragedy or someone suffering. This is caused by our focusing on what we see on the surface as opposed to digging deeper to look at the big picture – How this creates an opportunity to revel in our belief and be amazed at God’s glory.

In John 9:2 the disciples could not believe that God would allow a blameless person to have been punished by being born blind. It must be someone’s fault. Was it him or his parents? Jesus explains that the impairment is present not as a punishment but so the world can see the impact of God’s awesome power, as revealed through Jesus and his works, i.e.: the curing of his impairment.

These revelations can only occur when this power is fully revealed. Jesus uses the analogy of day and night to explain this. Since one cannot see at night without aid, they are in darkness unless their path becomes lit. When Jesus reveals that he is “the light of the world” he is revealing that the full glory of God’s power can only be seen by those who follow him. When we do not follow Jesus, our world becomes dark and these works are hidden from our view. It is only through our belief in Jesus the Christ that we can see the wonder of God and understand the greatness of his power.

Prayer: God of glory, too many times we are wandering in darkness unaware of what you are doing in our lives. Open our eyes, God, that through Lenten faith in Christ we may truly see. Amen

 – Tom Kelley

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