Thursday, March 5
While reading this scripture, I wondered why Nicodemus had come to Jesus. What was on his mind? It seemed to me that he had come with a purpose but had become distracted by Jesus’ talk of “being born from above.”

And why did Nicodemus come “by night?” Did his quest cause some worry, angst, or secret longing which could not quite bear the light of day? Are there troubles on your heart which you shy away from bringing to Jesus in prayer because they engender pain, embarrassment, or confusion? Are you open to having God’s light bestowed on you or, like Nicodemus, are you adhering to familiar ways of coping and hesitant to adopt a new perspective?

Perhaps it feels safer to hide in darkness, despite your longing for the light, because it is too painful to open the wounded, pained, grieving, or injured places in your soul? What is preventing you from trusting that God’s light is beckoning and will lift you up – perhaps fear, distrust, weariness, disillusionment? What do you need to do, during this Lenten season to open yourself to receive Jesus’ promise that “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life?”

Prayer: Dear Lord, during this Lenten season help us to courageously share our wounded places with you and open us to your healing presence, even when it comes in unanticipated ways. Amen.

Sarah Hedlund

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