Monday, March 30
These scriptures reveal the greatest sacrifice known to man. A man knowingly lying down his life for his fellow man.

The story begins with Judas Iscariot selling His SAVIOR to the chief priests for thirty pieces of silver. His actions bring to mind the scripture, “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36 KJV) The downfall of Judas Iscariot was just the beginning of sorrow, but the end gave humanity the greatest “Beacon of Life – Jesus Christ.”

Events now rush to a close, as Matthew describes the final days of Jesus’s life on earth. Matthew tells of Jesus’s preparation for the celebration of the Passover before he was to ascend to his father in heaven. He discloses in detail how Jesus included the disciples in his preparation. And how he knew just what was needed and who would be the supplier, the man described as the “certain man.” Some theologians think that the “certain man” was one of a group of disciples who stayed in the background for fear of being discovered by the high priests and/or the Romans. Whoever he was, he was someone Jesus knew would carry out his requests without questions. Not only did Jesus know of the “certain man’s” allegiance to him, but he knew that he was trustworthy, as Judas was not.

In preparing the disciples for his ascension, he was shining a light for them, which in days to come would be an example for how they would have to live when he was no longer with them. Always “Living in the Light” and guided by a Beacon inspired by the spirit of God.

Prayer: May we always live in the light of Jesus Christ that we may become a Beacon for others to follow. Amen.

– Loretta Tate

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